Calendula Oil

 Calendula OilSkin Care Uses and Benefits: Calendula makes an excellent base for lotions, salves and creams.

If you have sensitive skin Calendula Oil would be ideal for you, it’s even gentle enough that it can be used on babies to treat diaper rash.

Calendula is an excellent anti inflammatory and antiseptic making it beneficial to sore, inflamed itchy skin conditions. It promotes healing, increases collagen production and cell regeneration. It also aids in the reduction of scars making it ideal for many skin conditions.

Calendula is commonly used for acne, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, dry chapped skin and other rashes. It is a wonderful oil to have on hand at all times.

This herb and oil has been popular even among Egyptians due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can help with the regeneration of cells and promotion of skin healing. All skin types can benefit from the calendula oil. When the civil war was on, the calendula oil was used for the opened wounds. Many injuries, inflammation, infections, abrasions, burns, scars, wounds and other skin damages can be by calendula oil.

The secret of the effectiveness of the calendula oil lies in the improving of the tissue regeneration and the increased blood flow in the region of the problem. It can also be used for soothing the skin and as a tonic. Calendula lotion and cream are available, too, and with the use of these products, the skin will become shiny and it will be given great protection from the thinning caused by the age. The use of this oil can help with the prevention of scaring. Without any side effect, it can stop the bleeding and sooth the pain very quickly. Also, chapped lips and skin can be treated with candida oil. Other purposes include problems like bad sores, chilblains, varicose veins, pressure sores, eczema, insect bites, gashes and scrapes. This herb can also be used in cases of children.

Benefits of Calendula Oil

It can be used for scorpion bites and bee stings, stomachache, flue, cramps, fever, reduction of earache, cuts, scratches, diaper rash, bruises and burns, eye redness and sore eyes, increase of urination, helping the digestion, stimulating the immune system, aiding the manufacture of collagen, sore throat, mouth infection, removing toxins, regulation of menstrual cycle, athlete’s foot, fever, and reduction of body heat.

Due to the anti-fungal properties of calendula it can be used to treat ringworm and athletes foot. The high content of antioxidants found in Calendula oil contributes to the cell regeneration aspect of the oil. Some of these antioxidants are mucilage, carotenoids, saponin, and quercetin. Applying Score acne treatment to irritated feet directly out of the shower, while sitting of course…until the treatment is completely absorbed, you’ll find that callused feet, corns and planters warts can be treated.

Some of the uses and benefits of Calendula oil are as follows:

  • dry cracked skin
  • insect bites
  • scars
  • swelling
  • headaches
  • rashes
  • eczema
  • viral infections
  • inflammation
  • anti-fungal
  • stimulant
  • removal of pf toxins
  • antiseptic
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • helps bruises
  • increases collagen production
  • speeds the healing process
  • treats jock itch
  • counteracts age related skin thinning
  • treats bed and pressure sores

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