Marjoram Origanum Majorana, from Egypt is anti-infectious. It may act as an analgesic for pain, stiff joints, colds, asthma and painful periods. Marjoram has been used as a circulatory stimulant, to increase blood flow, to lower high blood pressure and as a tonic for the heart.

It also may work as a muscle relaxant to relieve muscular aches and fatigue. Marjoram may also be helpful for bruises, sprains, burns, headaches, migraines and constipation.

Due to its effect on the digestive system it may aid seasickness. My customers who are dog owners use Marjoram as a tick repellent.

Please store in a cool, dark place away from children. 100% pure organic or wildcrafted essential oil.

10 ml bottle


Price: $21.00

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