Restored Health’s Nerve and Wound Balm is excellent for any issues with nerves (like neuropathy, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, etc) and wounds. This balm is made from herbs comfrey, St. John’s Wort, calendula and helichrysum essential oil. This balm can also help with inflammation.

Rub right on your nerve pain, inflammation, around an open wound or on top of a wound that has scabbed over. It will relieve pain and heal much quicker. You can also rub it right on a bruise. I have had several people tell me their bruises have either faded quickly or completely disappeared after less than 24 hours. We have asked people to apply every two hours until they are satisfied with the results. Of course we are only satisfied when the issues is healed!!

Here are a few testimonials:

Nerve and Wound Balm, Mar. 2014

“During your class today I put some of the wound balm on an, as yet, unhealed injurty from playing with my friend’s puppy and began to see it lighten in color. Upon leaving I put more on and saw it lighten more and the puffiness diminish. This stuff is awesome!!” The following morning Georgia emailed me again and told me “by the way, with another application this morning it’s barely visible!!! Yay!!” Georgia K.

I put the Nerve and Wound Balm on bruises I had. There was a large bruise and three smaller bruises very close  to the larger one. After about five minutes the three smaller bruises disappeared! The larger bruise got much lighter, changing color within a few hours to the yellowish green as it faded several days later.  Tony S.