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Have you ever wondered if your essential oils were safe if you have a certain illness or use certain      medications? Have you ever picked up a bottle of essential oils and wondered if it was safe to use on you or your children? If you use essential oils I surely hope you ask yourself these questions every time you pick up a bottle!

For the last few years I have been studying and gone to many hours of  training. I still attend those trainings but I also now train people. Safety is the most important thing for me to stress.

The past few weeks I have spoken to several people about essential oils. These people use the oils for their family. All ages and stages of people. I am amazed how many people do not know that children under the age of 12 should not use Peppermint (and other) essential oil. Last year (2012) I met a woman doing a massage who used Peppermint on almost everyone. She did not know that Peppermint essential oil RAISES blood pressure!! If you have high blood pressure PLEASE do not use Peppermint or any blends of essential oils that include Peppermint in their blend. There are other oils that work wonderfully to lower blood pressure. But please never go off your medications without your doctor’s orders.

Bloggers need education too. Some bloggers out there have told people to use certain oils that they should not be using! Birch, in fact, is like an aspirin. It thins your blood. So if you are on blood thinners or use an aspirin daily you should NOT use Birch or any blends that include Birch!

Please use essential oils. But please purchase your essential oils from someone who is knowledgeable. If you ask the person or store about safety of the specific essential oil and they don’t know, don’t buy it! Please do not think I know about every medication and the essential oil reactions. But I will research and find out before I sell the oil to my customer.

Essential oils are strong, at least some of the brands are. Others are watered down. If you have a strong essential oil use it but use it sparingly. If you use 3-4 drops it should work! If not it is probably watered down. The oils at are 100% pure.  I know, many if not all companies, say this. But it is not true. Contact me on my website to ask questions. I will not be negative about other companies but I will tell you about Restored Health.

I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy your oils!!