Herbs & Essential Oils for Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises

Ever wonder what you could use for yourself or your family to help heal your cuts, scrapes and bruises without the use of medicine?  That is exactly what my question was years ago when a friend told me about essential oils.  FYI just like most things we purchase all essential oils are NOT equal.  Sometimes the corner store oils are diluted and adulterated.  Please be careful!


Lavender, Lime, Geranium and Tea Tree Essential Oils are all excellent for getting rid of bacteria and helping your body heal itself.  Pure Geranium essential oil will help stop the bleeding.  Pure Tea Tree essential oil will aid in the removal of bacteria.  Then Lavender and Lime help heal quickly.


A few years ago I had a burn on my thumb.  I had picked up a glass vase where a candle had been burning.  Yes, my thumb hit right above the lighted candle!  OUCH!  I ran to get ice to put on it to stop the deeper burning.  Then I dropped about six drops of Lavender (yes I drenched my whole hand) on it.  About an hour later I added more Lavender before going to bed.  The next morning it was like normal!  Yes, no pain even if I hit it on something, no blister either!


About six days went by and my thumb began peeling.  “Wow, why was that happening” I thought?  Then I remembered the incident.  I had totally forgotten because the Lavender helped it heal so quickly!


Stay tuned for more stories about how 100% Pure Essential Oils help our bodies heal.

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