Char's arthritic feetDo you know someone whose feet, hands, hips, fingers and other joints are so painful and inflamed they cannot even get out of bed without medication? I met with a new client this week who uses a medicinal gel. I looked on the official website for this gel. The FIRST thing on their site was the disclaimer: too much of this gel may cause fatal heart attacks! Can you believe people are actually in so much pain they will use this?

Now there is something all natural, easy to use and it works! Restored Health ( has an arthritis blend that is rubbed on the painful joints. Many times within just minutes relief will be felt. Once it’s rubbed on people move their hands, feet and stand up quicker than before rubbing the blend on.

This blend helps with inflammation, pain and helps the body heal itself using all natural 100% pure essential oils. People feel a warm sensation which is the flow of fluids to the area. The inflammation begins to fade and movement gets better each day!

The arthritis blend is made for each individual person. Please be sure to tell Restored Health if you have allergies, high blood pressure or are on medications. If your medications say you must stay away from grapefruit please tell them. There are essential oils that you can use and some you cannot if you have any of these concerns.

There are several wonderful essential oils in this blend. One is Helichrysum. This oil is excellent for nerve pain and loss of feeling. Rub this oil on your neuropathy filled hands and feet. Soon you may feel circulation again! You may also feel the floor on the bottom of your feet, and the glass in your hands!

Elemi and Nutmeg are wonderful essential oils to help your body heal itself of arthritis too. They help the body to stimulate and move fluids which helps relieve pain and inflammation. Nutmeg also helps with depression. I know I would be depressed if I didn’t have movement in my joints like I have with no pain.

Myrrh is an essential oil used in Biblical times. It was used for cosmetic purposes but it is also highly anti biotic and helps with pain. Myrrh helps the joints get rid of the inflammation associated with arthritis.

What do you have to lose? Pure essential oils are a great way to deal with pain! Since these products are all God made and not man made there are very few side effects and our bodies do not develop a tolerance to them. This is all GOOD news for the person in pain!