Safety of Oil

Quality and Standards for Restored Health Essential Oils 

Using the finest pure essential oils is absolutely vital in aromatherapy. Why? Because the purity of the essential oils used will determine how effective the aromatherapy treatment or product will be. In aromatherapy, you only receive textbook results when you use the very finest pure essential oils.

At best, essential oils that have been adulterated will simply not deliver the health benefits that you are expecting. At worst, there is the risk of serious skin irritation or sensitization due to an adverse reaction to the synthetic chemicals that have been used to adulterate, extend or ‘standardize’ the essential oil.

This is why at Restored Health our oils are tested both by chemical equipment (gas chromatograph) and human tested by our staff and friends.  We expect only the best, purest essential oils to leave our hands to be used by you.

Unwanted side effects are usually caused when an essential oil has been adulterated with a synthetic chemical component, or perhaps because it is entirely synthetic. Unscrupulous traders and dealers will often ‘stretch’ expensive oils by adding cheap synthetics to them to make the product more profitable for themselves.

This type of adulteration can cause problems for unsuspecting customers who then attempt to use these oils in aromatherapy – sometimes with disastrous results. Many people are allergic to synthetic compounds, hence the move to ‘fragrance-free’ cosmetics.

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